All rider averages below are the final year-end averages as issued by the BSPA.

Links to fans forum, local press, rider and team websites are provided, where available.

Workington CometsComets fans forumTimes and Star
No Rider 2012 2013 Diff. Notable Events
1 Richard Lawson 8.64 8.28 -0.36  
2 Rene Bach 7.93 7.85 -0.08  
3 Kyle Howarth 5.33 6.86 +1.53  
4 Rusty Harrison 7.04 6.63 -0.41  
5 Tero Aarnio 5.67 5.86 +0.19 May: Foot injury
6 Ashley Morris 3.00 4.11 +1.11  
7 Chris Mills 4.87 3.00 -1.87 Apr: Wrist injury
- Mason Campton 4.69 4.69 +0.00 Mar: Visa problems, replaced by Mills
  Totals 42.48 42.59 +0.11 Start of season: 42.30

Premier League team building points limit is 42.50

There will be an early season League Cup competition consisting of four groups where clubs race home and five away fixtures - the group winners then take part in two-legged semi finals. The two semi final winners will the face each other in a two-legged Final.

League fixtures will consist of one home and one away - top six clubs then take part in the play-offs. These will be split into two groups with first and second teams in the league choosing the other two clubs to join their group for two home and two away fixtures - the winner of each group then face each other in a two-legged Grand Final home and away to decide the Premier League Championship.

Knockout Cup Round 1 draw: Berwick v Redcar, Glasgow v Rye House, Newcastle v Plymouth, Leicester v Edinburgh, Workington v Ipswich. Byes to quarter-finals: Scunthorpe, Sheffield & Somerset.

A five-match Team GB v Australia Test Series on Premier League tracks has also been agreed. Ipswich, Newcastle, Rye House, Sheffield, and Workington have all been nominated.

Riding order: the rider with the highest average always rides at number 1, the two with the lowest averages ride at 6 and 7 and the remaining riders can be placed in any order.

One Tactical Ride can be used by a team losing by ten points or more and a second one can be used if a team is losing by twelve points or more. A Tactical Ride cannot be used until heat five and is not permitted after heat twelve.