All rider averages below are the final averages for that year as issued by the BSPA (riders that had a GB reduction of 2.5% applied to their 2009 average are highlighted in blue).

Injured/unavailable riders are highlighted in green.

Links to fans forum, local press, rider and team websites are provided, where available.

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No Rider 2009 2010 Diff. Notable Events
1 Fredrik Lindgren 10.43 9.85 -0.58  
2 Tai Woffinden 7.28 7.11 -0.17  
3 Nicolai Klindt 5.25 6.60 +1.35  
4 Adam Skornicki 6.24 6.24 +0.00 July: Knee injury
5 Tyron Proctor 5.03 5.47 +0.44  
6 Ludvig Lindgren 3.04 4.49 +1.45  
7 Joe Haines (d) 3.31 3.31 +0.00 April: Fractured shoulder
7 Matthew Wethers (d) 3.49 4.55 +1.06  
8 Richard Lawson 3.00 3.00 +0.00  
- Chris Kerr 3.24 3.24 +0.00 May: Fractured leg, replaced by Wethers
- Joe Screen 6.35 4.90 -1.45 May: Replaced by Scornicki
  Totals 40.76 44.31 +3.55 Start of season: 40.69

Elite League team building points limit is 41.00

Elite League teams may utilise one team place to be shared by any two riders contracted to a Premier League team with an official average of 8 points or less - these include (d) after their name, above. Where fixtures clash between the clubs in both leagues, the rider's Premier League fixture will take preference.

Top four teams progress to the play-offs (all play-off ties will be raced over two legs). The team finishing top gets to choose their opponents in the semi-finals. The winners from the two semi-finals then meet in a two-legged Grand Final to decide the Elite League Championship.

The team finishing bottom of the Elite League table will race in two-legged tie against the winners of the Premier League play-offs to decide promotion and relegation places.

Riding order: the rider with the highest average always rides at number 1, the two with the lowest averages ride at 6 and 7 and the remaining riders can be placed in any order.

One Tactical Ride can be used by a team losing by ten points or more and a second one can be used if a team is losing by twelve points or more. A Tactical Ride cannot be used until heat five and is not permitted in heat fifteen.

Wolverhampton rider

Hans Andersen

Coventry team

Trio of Panthers

Linus Sundstrom 2nd, winner Ben Barker and Ty Proctor 3rd

Disaster strikes Scott

Slabon, Miskowiak and Stachyra

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